Why Phineas And Ferb Is Amazing?

Remember your old days when you had a list of shows in mind that you must watch on the particular time, either while having lunch or dinner or whichever time it might suit you. That list used to rank up with a priority where Phineas and Ferb used to top. Amongst other great shows like Wizards and Waverly place and Hannah Montanna, this show used to stand out with amazing story line, interesting characters, comic scenes and everything else, we can possibly love in a show. This kid had a separate fan base from all the age grouped people especially kid till age ten. Though Disney channel never caught an attention of adults but this show had a plot that could interest even parents too making it one of a kind in itself.

Below are listed few reasons why Phineas and Ferb is amazing:

The theme songs steal the heart of many fans. The way drum rolls and Phineas and Ferb starts with their experimenting it becomes the most entertaining show for me. The title track ending with the sister complaining, suggesting how troublesome her brothers are for her and leave no chance to irritate her.

The unbridled enthusiasm of Phineas, where he has many suggestions with a list of plans of what he and Ferb should do together, what they must do to pass summers and the suggestion to build a tree house and make it a fun spot together which can be transformed into a robot later which would be filmed in a blockbuster movie and they would soon be stars. Even though the plot suggests that Phineas and Ferb are step brothers still, the bonding shown is a must admirable concept. The trouble they create for their sister is the funniest part of all.

The way the show admires the friendship shared between the two brothers give a goal to kids and motivates to bond with the brother like them both. All three Flynn-Flethchers are usually always shown together planning for their next adventure while Candace is shown in conversation almost all the time with her friend Stacy. They are shown helping each other with various stuffs and also together helping others through any problem.

Romantic relationships are also showcased in the show enhancing the feeling of love to teach kids. As Cascade has an obsessive crush on Jeremy, which makes her keep day-dreaming the romantic sequence with him and when Jeremy at last becomes her boyfriend, it gave me an immense happiness for the success of their love.